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Retire to

Grow Wise, Not Old


Retire? Don’t do it! Ironically, this website that highlights the "R" word is specifically created to encourage you to chart a completely different course. The concept of retirement originated in the 1930’s during the FDR administration and related "New Deal." In a relatively short period of time, it has evolved from a social tool for creating jobs during the Great Depression to an assumed and anticipated privilege for many baby boomers. It may have made a great deal of sense to my grandfather who died in his mid-sixties, but life expectancy and current financial trends have rendered retirement completely obsolete.

My father similarly assumed retirement was the appropriate next step for his life, but after one brief month, he was unhappy, unfulfilled, and lamented that his brain "was turning into mush." Retirement is no longer worthy of achievement, so do not allow your arteries to calcify while devoting twenty years to golf clubs and a sewing machine.

My personal epiphany was a direct result from reading the fantastic book, "Halftime" by Bob Buford. The subtitle is even more descriptive - "moving from success to significance." Have you accomplished a successful career as an accountant, school teacher, professional, or administrator? Why would you take a lifetime of skill and experience, pack it away, move to a warmer climate, and depend on an increasingly fragile Social Security safety net for survival?

Do NOT succumb to retirement. View your "second half" as a wonderful opportunity for self-fulfillment, for relevancy, and for a great purpose. Consider investing your tremendous reservoir of skill and knowledge into both our youth and those around you. Do you have time on your hands? You CAN be an inspiration. Be relevant. Finish the race strong.

"Be rich in good deeds, and be generous and willing to share."
1 Timothy 6:18