WHAT'S with the LEAF?

"They hold out their green palms and catch light. If there is magic in the world, surely this is it: the descendants of tiny creatures in leaves, capable of ingesting the sun."
- Rob Dunn, National Geographic

Perhaps we all can remember jumping into tall piles of leaves as kids, raking them as teenagers, and admiring their beauty as adults. I have photographer friends who plan their annual vacations based on the brilliant fall colors around the country, and I’ve done the same more than a few times as included here. Leaves surround us and cover our planet, but they’re often taken for granted.

Indeed, these living creatures perform unique magic by capturing photons of light from the sun, and turning this energy into sustenance. They are a genuine metaphor for light and growth, both of which are at the heart of this website. I hope its tools will inspire you to seek growth, radiance, and above all else, purpose.

Leaves are divinely designed in an extraordinary variety of color, size, texture, and shape - just like you and me. So imitate the amazing leaf, and transform your light into life. Continue to grow and inspire.

The world needs you.